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In a sphere of wires and codes entwined,

Where innovation blooms, a blazing mind.

In a garden of ideas whisper, secrets unfold,

Technology, a tale to be told.


A tapestry of wires and circuits, knitted tight,

In a realm of variation, day and night.

Leading a mind full of creativity,

Which will result in better productivity.


Technology, currently grows steady and strong,

A river of progress, a digital song.

In a dialect of code, a poet’s verse,

Digital innovation through which universe diverse.


A new destiny creating a new story,

New ideas, becoming tech glory.

In a game of algorithms that make everyone amazed,

Leads to making people embrace.


Ideas spark like circuit fire,

Heights of innovation goes higher and higher.

Technology, the mage of our age,

Unveils the future from its immense stage.

- Mihuka Singh Chouhan


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