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Blood Donation & Health Check Up Camp


The blood donation drive at Gujarat National Law University witnessed enthusiastic participation, with numerous volunteers stepping forward to contribute. Both male and female students actively engaged in the initiative, demonstrating their commitment to this noble cause. Medical professionals conducted health checks to ensure the safety of blood donation, and individuals with insufficient haemoglobin levels, tattoos, or piercings were advised not to donate to maintain the integrity of the donated blood.

Notably, the support and participation extended beyond the student body, as faculty members of the college also joined in to donate blood, setting a commendable example of solidarity and community involvement. This blood donation drive exemplified the spirit of altruism within the GNLUs community, as individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.


The blood donation campaign at Gujarat National Law Universities was executed through a collaborative effort, involving students, faculty, and staff. Regular blood donation drives were organized on campus, with a dedicated team of volunteers and healthcare professionals ensuring the smooth process of blood collection. Awareness campaigns and workshops were conducted to educate the university community about the critical need for blood donation and its life-saving impact. This comprehensive approach not only helped meet the demand for blood in times of emergencies but also fostered a culture of humanitarianism and community engagement within the institution.

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