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LSC Plantation Drive


The Gujarat National Law Universities (GNLUs) have embarked on an impactful tree-planting campaign in a concerted effort to contribute positively to the environment. This initiative underscores their commitment to sustainable practices and ecological responsibility. By planting a diverse array of native trees, GNLUs are not only enhancing the aesthetics of their campuses but also actively participating in climate change mitigation and biodiversity preservation. 

The focus of this endeavor extends beyond the act of planting trees; it also includes educational programs, workshops, and community engagement to raise awareness about the vital role of trees and green spaces in urban environments. The GNLUs' initiative serves as an inspiring example for other institutions, demonstrating the significant role that universities can play in promoting environmental sustainability. Visitors to the GNLUs will experience a campus that is not only academically enriching but also environmentally conscious.


The tree-planting campaign at Gujarat National Law Universities was conducted through a coordinated effort involving students, faculty, and staff. Native tree species were carefully selected and planted across the campuses, with a strong emphasis on nurturing these new additions. Additionally, educational programs, workshops, and community engagement activities were organized to educate the academic community and instill an understanding of the importance of trees and green spaces in urban settings. This comprehensive approach not only beautified the campuses but also created a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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