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Menstrual Hygiene Drive


The menstrual hygiene drive at Gujarat National Law Universities (GNLUs) was carried out with great care and consideration, targeting the underserved areas of nearby villages such as Raysan and Koba. The primary objective of this initiative was to address the critical issue of menstrual hygiene among rural women. To ensure a comfortable and open environment for the women, female volunteers played a pivotal role in the drive, recognising the potential sensitivity of the topic.


The GNLUs team distributed sanitary pads to women in these villages and took the extra step of educating them on the proper usage and disposal of these essential hygiene products. This aspect of the campaign was crucial in ensuring that the beneficiaries not only received the necessary supplies but also had the knowledge to manage their menstrual hygiene effectively. The initiative aimed to break the stigma surrounding menstrual health, encouraging open conversations and empowering women to prioritize their well-being. In doing so, GNLUs demonstrated a holistic commitment to social welfare, engaging with local communities to address pressing health concerns with empathy and awareness.

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